Your all in one

You'll be able to...

Take care of 

👤Clients 📒 Mood boards 🗺 Location Scouting✍️Contracts & Proposals 💵Billing & Invoices📸Organizing your gear

Take care everything from on-boarding clients to billing

Manage new and existing relationships

Onboard and manage clients of all sizes.

Keep track of all contacts related to a shoot, so you can easily assign tasks and have an overview of all project aspects

Collaborate & Share Influences

Create and interact on moodboards

Collaborate on ideas with clients, and have one centralized place where your influences live. 

Easily keep track of all your projects

Project organization made easy

One place where you can keep track of all your projects, and the various stages they live in.
From pre production, all the way to archiving old shoots.

Plot Locations 🗺

Scout for the perfect spot

Plan shoots out to the very last detail.
Let those involved easily find your shooting locations.

Organize your gear

Keep track of your equipment

Keep track of receipts and track what projects your gear is used on.

Review your work

Share with ease

Upload your photos and share them with clients, who have the ability to review and aprove what they want.

Contracts & proposals

Have all your pitches and paperwork live in one place

Keep contracts and proposals organized and easily accessable. Import your own or choose from templates to expediate the process.

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